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01 June 2005

I'm gonna die in a small town, that's probably where they'll bury me :
Yeah so I've been mucking about here making the blog all mine. It's still pretty generic but I'm working on it. Limited time and all that. I do have another blog somewhere else but it's not as pretty as this one. I like my world in shades of noir.

I'm currently watching my cd-burner/dvd player spin. I had to reformat my enire hard drive the last time I took it in for service and I don't want to cough that kind of dough up again. I'll wait on it a bit, but until then I won't be burning any backups or installing anything. Yippee for me!

I've been looking around out in Blog Land and there's so much to see and do, I like the quizzes the most. Always want to know what kind of cereal I am. Never was a corn flake girl - and all that. I've seen many cool pictures read up on some politics and found interesting people withe great stuff to say. Evidence: the blogroll groweth.

I usually write this out in Word before hand but I'm thinking less endless stories and more short bits make a girl sane. And I don't believe I'm any less true to the overall theme of my page (spell check be damned!). It's all about me. Nuff said.

So I was on this page today and there was a question about the types of men. It's pretty generic and people went a little further with subsets, like I did. I did forget to mention Arrogant Man though. Oh god how I HATE him. He's swimming in his illusion and can't take no for an answer without telling absolutely everyone you're a lesbian. Must be or you would instantly fall in love and beg to have his children. Though spending time with AM can lead one to contemplate what's so bad about other lifestyles I'm still hetro at the end of the night and so sorry for the next woman he sets upon. The worst thing about AM is he never gives up, even if he's decided you're a lesbian he will then set about trying to convert you - because if anyone can do it - HE can. Seriously folks Arrogant Man is out there and sure he's perfect in everyway.

If I can find it again I'll link to it I swear! Keep reading and have a fabulous day!!!!!!!!
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 3:34 PM

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