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01 June 2005

I battle through these thunderclouds to find my way to fields of gold somehow :
For those that think I’m jumping on the blogging bandwagon like so many of the peeps these days I just wanted to let ya know I’ve been a member of Blogger.com since 2000. Now I have to admit I was smack in the middle of my midlife crisis back then and only posted like twice before I forgot all about it. Now in my defense it was a midlife crisis. I was only 29 but I’m ahead of the curve on stuff like that, and I’ve gotten so much better at living life and keeping track of stuff since then. Now you may ask how I could have been having a mid life crisis at 29, well I didn’t want to hit 30 and then freak out about where my life was going, how bad things sucked, how I was drowning in debt and had nothing to show for myself (gee sounds like now). I excel at being early.

I am not a blogger extraordinaire. I’m learning as I go, the way I like it. Since I started my current career as a tech support agent I’ve learned a lot about certain computer things and since I got back to my blog I’ve learned a few programs and CSS to boot. It’s not rocket science, thank god, or my page would have spontaneously self-combusted or some such nonsense. I’m thinking I’m fairly average and I can live with that. Eventually I’ll be all so good at this too and people will wonder what happened to the simplicity. I can dream :)

Tech support will end for me soon, our call centre is going inbound sales and now I get to see what I can up sell to the unsuspecting clients coming my way. Oh money how I detest thee. If only I could find that elusive mostly perfect job that I know is out there if only someone would just give me a chance. I’m good at thinking on my feet, learning fast, organizing and being nice. I’m perfect in any service environment and can be counted on to be flexible as well as to get the job done. I play well with others and have mastered much technicalese in my time. I also have little problem with accents or name pronunciation. Look at me upselling already. References available upon request :)

I got my ½ hour of exercise today. Went all over town, which isn’t saying much since you can cross-town in about 10 minutes by car. If you walk and the lights are against you it’ll probably take an hour. I’m a small town kid from way back. Imagine what it was like for me to move to a town of some 4,000+ people after spending 15 years and then 2.5 in towns that neither had stop lights or officially had population signs. I’m originally from Gillam Manitoba, and if you know where that is good for you. I was born in Gillam Hospital and lived on Gillam Drive until we moved to Grand Rapids, Manitoba. In Grand Rapids I lived in a sub division on the outskirts of the town proper and got to experience being bussed to school and being the only blue eyed blonde in a school full of people of varying indigenous heritages. Good times.

Not that I’d never encountered other cultures before. In the 19 years since I left I understand that the hospital burned down and that the local Native band moved the reserve from downtown right along the railroad tracks to a town named Bird. I’d like to think I have a lot of friends from my time in those towns, but back them I was lousy at keeping in touch. Couldn’t tell you were anyone I used ton know way back when is now.

Well my ‘weekend’ is almost over. I get Tuesdays and Wednesdays off consecutively these days. The joys of shift work and all. Tonight on tap I have day two of Canadian Idol. Not as crass or weird as American Idol, way heavy on the Ben Mulroney face time, but otherwise just like drunken karaoke any night of the week without the second hand smoke. I like John Dore’s comedy bits even if it’s constrained by CTV in all their wisdom. Last season he was a bit lame but last night the baby gold bit was priceless. I am easily amused. Oh yea and I don’t hate Ben Mulroney I’d just like to hear someone else talking for a bit. After all there are contestants at these auditions right?

Oh yea if you’re interested I live here now and I like it. I’ll love it when that movie theatre gets put in. Eventually, when the employment gods smile on me and/or I learn French, I’ll move back to the city. I’m not a country/city snob. It’s all the same to me, just more things to do in a city and more anonymity. That’s good if you’re a serial dater like me, or if you want to go to an open mic night. One of these days I’ll do that too.

I’m only against driving in big urban areas. I learned to drive on dirt roads in a big old station wagon so no driving conditions scare me. Other drivers freak me out completely. They’ve been lobotomized by their radio or cell phone, are distracted by those or the kids, or their road rage and are pretty much driving as fast, and as badly, as they can to a destination that will be there whether they get a hefty speeding ticket or crash in a ball of flame; or not. When I’m in the city I’m a slave to mass transit. I actually enjoy taking the bus/train/subway. I’ve had a licence since I was 17 but I have never owned a car. I almost did but after I put nearly a thousand dollars into the family ride, my mom up and sold it on me when I was away at school. Didn’t offer it to me first either which made me mad. I was kinda amused to hear the car crashed later on, considering who she sold it to I think the poor machine committed suicide. I’d like to think that car missed me. Is till miss that car. Even gave it a name, it was my Baby.

Bye, bye baby. Goodbye.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 8:39 PM

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