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From the ghost land of the easy life.

09 June 2005

From The Fully Loaded Mind Of :
Today I ws thinking if I were so lucky as to have 2 people in the world who could and would attest to my ability to write well and politically well I'd apply for the job at the Talking Points Memo. Now the fact that I haven't written anything vaguely politcal or even well researched since school is putting me off a bit. That I get lost if you spin me around a bit (no matter where I am)doesn't keep me from thinking I could Live in NYC if needed. The big stumbling block I see here is the references. Uh ok I'm so in need of a change of pace. I wonder if you can intern at TPM? Maybe I'll ask if I get the balls up.

So I was over at Matt Good's blog today. I read his most recent post and thought something I've thought a lot in regards to things Mr. Good puts in his songs or on his blog - you read my mind. I think he should apply for the job at TPM. Don't know if he wants to give up his BC lifestyle for the East Coast tho.

I was thinking how when my mind wanders and I'm talking I develop a lisp. Say it with me Nee thaaan (Nissan). That sounds oh so professional :) Of course I shudder at the thought that being a tele-monkey is my profession. It's just something I do to pay the bankruptcy trustee and eat and blog. Ah the simple things. If only I didn't have to make 200+ calls in under 6 hours to earn my daily bread. Well I'm grateful to be here and employed.

I was thinking how I was wasting my time getting in extra hours in a place with bad air, bad attitudes and four people who quit just today. I wondered again how come I still feel the 'culture shock' of being a small town Manitoba girl in Eastern Ontario. It really is a different reality and people just don't know how good they have it. Oh yea sure I bitch and complain but I came back to it even after swearing I was a westerner for good and ever and moving back to the 'Peg.

I was thinking how Tori Amos confuses me. I listen to her songs and I don't "get" them at the time. If I buy her new cd a few years later tho, it all makes sense. I remember getting Little Earthquakes when it first came out and liking her cover of Smell's Like Teen Spirit - it was only ever on the radio I heard that song. I still put Little Earthquakes on and sing along. On the days when I'm about town and randomly singing pieces of songs like I do the Tori song that I find myself singing the most is Tear In Your Hand. It's either the balck of the blackest ocean part or the pieces of me you've never seen, maybe she's just peices of me you've never seen.

I was thinking I need to change the title of this blog to be more representative of me. Then I up and forgot what I decided to call it. He he he he, only in Canada you say? Pity. I was thinking The AMBER Room. The Tsars/Czars had one and I do too. Well not literally. I often find it odd that the literal meaning of my name is petrified tree sap. What was it so scared of? Oh yea, Jack Handy has nothing on me.

I was mostly thinking how making friends is such an arbitrary thing. Sometimes you keep running into the same people over and again and can't stand any of them. Other times you wonder how you lost touch with that nice one and what they're up to today. I've tried googling my past but it doesn't have a web presence. I guess I won't get any email from the ghost in the machine then :)

Well I've succeeded in doing the laundry and so I'm going to toddle off and dream bright shiny hollywood star infested dreams. Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 12:05 AM

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