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07 June 2005

As usual something I stole from another blog :

100 Things...

1. I have flat feet.
2. I collect slogan pins.
3. I’m a fan, and if I’m your fan (celebrity or not) I’ll keep in touch.
4. I graduated from Queen’s University (which is supposed to be impressive).
5. I’ve won poetry awards.
6. I don’t like talking about myself in person.
7. I have 5 tattoos and want 4 more.
8. My favourite T-shirt was balck and had a white line on it that, when you got up real close, turned out to say Nosy Little Fucker Aren’t Ya?.
9. I was born in January.
10. I was always the oldest, tallest, smartest kid in my class.
11. I learned to be a slacker to stop getting bullied and it never wore off.
12. I have a learning disability.
13. I think I have the best Julia Roberts-esque laugh.
14. I always wanted to be a radio dj.
15. I have written over 1145 poems in my life.
16. The only short story I ever finished writing was for a high school English class and I got the only 100% the teacher said he EVER gave out.
17. I’ve been mortally afraid to let myself BE a writer.
18. I’m still terrified of failure.
19. I have seen every episode of the X-Files more than twice.
20. I never liked Seinfeld.
21. I failed a grade 7 class called Life.
22. I like to read and write.
23. I was always the last picked.
24. I always want to be the best.
25. Being a perfectionist has made me way too hard on myself.
26. I don't smoke.
27. I don't really drink much.
28. I love to cook but not for myself alone.
29. I regularily give things up for Lent – even though I’m not religious.
30. I will willing go to the movies to see any special effects blockbuster that comes out– I love them!
31. All of my role models are men.
32. I clean up good.
33. I dress up for Christmas Eve even when I don’t go out or am all alone.
34. I don’t really like Turkey dinners.
35. I love decorating.
36. I love Sci-Fi.
37. I believe that everyone should have a cake on their birthday.
38. When I was a kid there was a snowstorm every year on my birthday.
39. My friends tell me I'm too nice.
40. I am too nice.
41. I can think on my feet.
42. I believe in second chances, but I don’t give thirds anymore.
43. I can make balloon animals.
44. I love to take pictures but never have any recent ones of myself.
45. I love mixed tapes, compilation cd’s and webradio for randomness.
46. I’ve always wanted to go to the Reading Festival.
47. I can listen to men with certain accents talk forever and will follow them home if allowed.
48. I love to learn.
49. I’m fascinated by people.
50. I scare people because of that fascination.
51. When I’m sick my right eye wanders.
52. I can’t draw a straight line.
53. I've got rhythm and I know I can dance.
54. Growing up all my friends’ parents hated me.
55. Later they told me they wished their kids were like me.
56. I have a problem with authority.
57. No one ever believes my age.
58. I’ve been told I sing beautifully.
59. I’ve been told I sing like a cat being strangled (not at the same time).
60. I don’t like being fat, but I am.
61. I don’t like people judging me because of my weight.
62. I want Oprah to send me to bootcamp (hell she can adopt me).
63. I want to travel the world before I die.
64. The most exotic place I’ve ever been to is Daytona Beach during Spring Break.
65. I am the first person in my family to graduate from high school, college and university.
66. I have broken hearts.
67. I have had my heart broken.
68. I think I know how to forgive now.
69. I can be loud.
70. I love giving/getting hugged.
71. I have excellent night vision.
72. I don’t want to get laser eye surgery because it can impair night vision.
73. I can roll my tongue.
74. I freckle and I love it.
75. My grandmother knew Lizzie Borden.
76. I break into spontaneous song at work.
77. I know 'I can’t' is a cop out.
78. I believe in freedom of choice.
79. I'm always afraid of missing opportunities.
80. I think we need to be more polite to one another and look out for each other.
81. I am all by myself.
82. I don't believe awkward situations would exist if people just tried.
83. I know trying is the hardest thing in the world to do.
84. I wish the words “I don’t have to” didn’t exist.
85. I really enjoy live concerts.
86. Rootbeer makes me goofy.
87. I have no tact.
88. I want to do everything myself, even if I let you do it for me.
89. I collect postcards.
90. I hope for everyone the best things in life.
91. I want to own a car because I love to drive.
92. I am working class poor and always have been.
93. I dream I’m floating a lot.
94. I dream in colour and black and white.
95. I love hotels and riding the elevators in them for hours.
96. I will get on a bus just to see where it goes.
97. I didn't used to drink a lot of water, but now I drink it all the time.
98. I hate roller coasters but I’m also drawn to them.
99. I have a phobia and can’t swim alone.
100. I think you should make a list too.

I got this here.

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