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28 May 2005

I’ve Got the Music in Me. :
I was, and in a lot of ways still am, a top 40 baby. I enjoy music. I possess vast amounts of vinyl, cassette and cd recorded music. I have a real hard time parting with it. If my house were to catch on fire I’d mourn the loss of it – all I’d grab would be my briefcase that has all my writing in it. My music, the music I listen to and buy and share with all, is very important to me. When it comes down to crunch time and I have to sell all my wordly’s I’ll be suffering Post Traumatic Stress over the loss of my music collection. Take everything else but don’t leave me in a world without music. At any given moment my list of 5 records for a deserted island will be different than the before or after it.

In a perfect world it would be what gazillion songs would you put on 5 solar powered I-Pods to take with you to the deserted island. Do I seem intense about this? Well I am. I like music - I like it a lot. I’m not a full on audiophile but I did run a radio station for a school year and was music director at a different one before that. I was in love with the CD Ten way before most people heard of Pearl Jam and I still am the only one I know who has and will buy anything Matthew Good puts out. I used to have a silly theme song that anyone who remembers the John Cougar Mellencamp years will remember. Small Town. It really says it all about my background and actually where I am now in my life. Recently I’ve decided that I Will Not Go Quietly by Don Henley is more my theme. Add a side of Bruce Springsteen’s Tougher Than the Rest and round it out with Alright by Pilate and with some Replacements, Matthew Good Band and Psychedelic Furs you have a fairly solid list of what’s playing in my head

Jukebox Amber at your service. I learn all the words and even when hearing new material in concert can be counted to sing along. I’m a fan. Not a rabid drooling fan either. I saw Matt Good walking downtown in Ottawa last year. I knew it was him, I saw him on Rideau Street twice, but I didn’t bother him. It was cool enough for me to just see him but now that I live in the boonies and may never get to see him on the street again I wish I would have talked to him. If I’d stopped him I’m sure he’d have been as impressed as Blue Rodeo was the time I won back stage passes and only had napkins for them to sign. I’m super smooth that way. If I can look like a total dork and smile vacantly while doing it I’ll find the way! I’m the go-to girl for complete star wars-esque music idiocy. I wrote a poem to U2 back in the Joshua Tree days and jumped up and down when the hand written post card from Celia came. The people in the local post office were never so afraid :)

When I was younger we didn’t have a radio station in town or anywhere I could get reception. I put my musical tastes together with varying degrees of dedication, trail and error and Columbia House guessing. I used to order LP’s and tapes from Columbia House by groups I’d never heard of, soundtracks from movies I’d never seen and even just because the songs sounded interesting. I still have all those recordings, not that my judgment was always sound but because there was something in some song that spoke to me and I had to keep it. The first album I ever bought was Madonna’s Borderline. The first one given to me was Michael Jackson’s Thriller and I didn’t want it but my Dad got it so I had to listen to it. It grew on me. The easiest and cheapest way to get music was by compilation and I still have all the ones I ever bought. I still have the ones I made myself to suit my moods. I still have all this because the music is my snapshot, every song a photograph and that moment in time when I needed it most comes back to me with the song. Oh yea and I’m a pack rat – but you already knew that right?

I was, am and forever shall be a Duranie. I will listen to anything, literally and have. I will try most anything once and then if it was bad never again. If I’m undecided I’ll try it again and with that in place it explains why I can find a way to like all music I come across. I can find the time to listen to it because I can multitask and music goes with everything. Walkman, earphones, battery pack and away we go. Somewhere in the universe there’s a radio on and if I could hear the music I’d wager I’d like it. Maybe not forever and always but it would always remind me of where I was when I first heard it.
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